tmux - terminal multiplexer


Commands are either executed via terminal tmux <command>
or via the tmux prompt Ctrl-b +:

no command # Short-cut for new-session

ls # List sessions

new # New unnamed session
new -s <name> # New named session

a # Attach to last session
a -t <session> # Attach to specific session

detach # Detach from client

kill-session # Kill current session
kill-session -t <session> # Kill specific session

kill-server # Kill the tmux server


Shortcuts start with the prefix key Ctrl-b +


$ Rename current session
L Switch attached client back to last session
s Select new session for attached client interactively


c Create new window
& Kill current window
, Rename current window
0 to 9 Select windows 0 to 9
w Choose window interactively
p Previous window
n Next window
f Find window


% Split pane vertical
Split pane horizontal
x Kill current pane
(or simply type exit / press Ctrl-d )
q Briefly display pane indexes
; Move to previously active pane
Arrow Change pane respectively
o Select next pane
Crtl-o Rotate panes forwards
Alt-o Rotate panes backwards
{ Swap current with previous pane
} Swap current with next pane
z Toggle pane zoom
! Break current pane out of window
Alt-1 to Alt-5 Arrange panes in one of the five layouts
Ctrl-Arrow Resize pane by one step
Alt-Arrow Resize pane by five steps\


# List all paste buffers
[ Enter copy mode to copy text or view the history
] Paste the most recently copied buffer of text
Page Up Enter copy mode and scroll one page up
= Choose which buffer to paste interactively from a list
- Delete the most recently copied buffer of text


Ctrl-z Suspend the tmux client
r Force redraw of the attached client
t Show the time
~ Show previous messages from tmux, if any
f Prompt to search for text in open windows
d Detach the current client
D Choose a client to detach
? List all key bindings
: Enter the tmux command prompt